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Students - Galilee
 PARABLES OF JESUS  • a Jewish perspective 


October 15-29  2020 

This is a 2 week program




Kathleen Rusnak  Ph.D



Over one-third of Jesus’ words are in parables. In order to understand their meaning, it is essential to recognize, not only that Jesus was a Jew, but that his message was also Jewish. As Christian scholar Brad Young noted, “if we do not understand Jesus as a Jew, we do not understand Jesus.” After the Holocaust, Christian scholars reclaimed the Jewishness of Jesus, which had been lost for nearly two millennia, and sought to connect Jesus’ Jewishness with his message.This course will take us into Jesus’ Jewish world, called Second Temple Judaism and into the Jewish literary genre of narrative parable, which Jesus employed in his own teaching (noting there are no parables in Paul or the early church). Jewish and Christian scholars of the New Testament will be our teachers in this course. Students will abound with new and novel insights, that will deepen and enrich their understanding of Jesus' message. 


Your program is comprised of lectures, individual study, group study and field trips. Most lectures take place at the centre, in our fully equipped classrooms. Additional topics are explored with specialist presenters; e.g. the socio / political situation of the region, feasts, archaeology etc.


Cost: Tuition Fees with full board and all excursion expenses.

$ 3,150 USD plus air fare.

Following enrolment students are given access to a student information website with course readings, a detailed program / schedule,  overview of  lecturers and planned information. 


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