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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Question: I have been accepted for the course. When can I book my flight?


Answer: Do not book your flight until you have been advised the course is viable and will be running as scheduled. You will be notified 3 months in advance if the course is cancelled.


Question: What is the electricity connection in Jerusalem?


Answer: The voltage is 220 volts


Question: Is it ever cold in Jerusalem?


Answer: Yes, winters are quite cold and  have occasional snow falls or rain. If you come from a hot climate you will notice the cold. In summer when it is very hot during the day, the evenings can be cool (you may need a jacket or cardigan). Jerusalem is high up and the climate is very dry (low humidity).


Question: Are excursions included?


Answer:  Excursions vary with Programs and Seasons. Excurions usually include some days in Galilee visiting the places associated with Jesus’ life ministry (including  Jerusalem, Nazareth, Capernaum, Tabgha, Mt. of Beatitudes).


Excursions may include: City of David, Southern excavations, Mt. of Olives, Peter in Gallicantu, St Anne’s, Gethsemane, Ein Karem, the Holy Sepulchre/Church of the Resurrection. Bethlehem, Jericho and the desert.

Question: What level of fitness and mobility is required?



Certain aspects of the programs can be physically demanding. Excursions to sites require a good level of fitness and mobility. 

The program requires you to be fit for climbing stairs almost daily and one needs to be able to keep up with the group as there are many excursions both in and around the old city of Jerusalem and the guide needs to be able to ensure that the group keeps up a reasonable pace.

This will ensure your full and active participation in aspects of the program as well as affecting the movement of the group. We also want to ensure that you can remain healthy during the program. You may also wish bring your walking stick as a support.


Question: Is Wi-Fi available?


Answer: Wireless access is available in most parts of the Pilgrim guesthouse and in the classrooms. In the library there are four computers available with internet access. Wireless speed and connectivity in the Old City of Jerusalem can be challenging.


Question: Can I pay by Credit Card?


Answer: No. Payment is accepted by international Bank Draft, bank transfer or cash. The Pilgrim house accepts credit cards If you arrive early or stay on for extra days, payment by credit card is accepted..


Question: Can I wear shorts?


Answer:  Out of respect for the local culture, participants are encouraged to wear skirts or trousers which fall below the knees and tops which have short sleeves. 


Question: Are towels, linens and toiletries supplied?


Answer: Sheets, towels & pillow cases are provided.  Face cloths and toiletries are not supplied.


Question: Are rooms and bathrooms shared?


Answer:  Each participant has a single room (unless otherwise arranged) with a small en suite bathroom  with a shower, basin and toilet.


Question: How do I get from  Ben Gurion airport  in Tel Aviv to Ecce Homo Convent in the Old City?


Answer: Instructions will be sent to you with public, private and shared  travel options


Question:  is it possible to arrive early?

Answer:  Yes you may arrive early at your own expense. The course fees include accommodation the night before the course begins and accommodation on the last night of the course. If you wish to come before that date the extra days are your financial responsibility. We can forward your request to the reservation office or you can contact them directly.


  • The programs are a package – it is not possible for participants to enroll for a segment of a course. The fees are not reduced for late arrival or early departure. (Those who are delayed because of complications with visas for Israel may be given  some special financial consideration).


Question: What is the best way to access cash in Jerusalem?


Answer: There are ATMs in the city. They take credit cards. If you bring cash in Euro or US$ or other currencies it can be changed at Money Changers

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